Vinyl Floors


Everydance is an exceptional quality vinyl that suits all dance styles and it is not by chance that we use it as our rental floor in Sydney, Australia. The matte non-skid finish provides the controlled slip dancers require and it is also tough enough to withstand the beating given by tap classes. Extraordinarily easy to lay, it is the most forgiving vinyl we have on offer.


Broadway is the “little brother” to the Everydance vinyl. Made by the same manufacturers, this vinyl is a little thinner and designed for use with a range of dance styles. Broadway is a reversible vinyl, giving you double the options if you’re touring your floor!

Tarkett Dansflor

Tarkett Dansflor is the dance floor that most Australian dancers grew up on and is used internationally. Tarkett is one of the largest producers and distributors of resilient floorings worldwide and the word Tarkett is now synonymous with vinyl dance surfaces. This 100 year old company joined the ballet world as a result of an Australian intervention. In 1974 Bill Akers, then working as Production Director for the Australian Ballet, was requested by the American choreographer Glen Tetley to improve on the humidity affected Marley floor that was in use at the time. In consultation with Tarkett, Dansflor was born and taken to the world by the Australian Ballet. Still used by them today, it can also be found in the Sydney Opera house, every major Arts Centre in Australia and most professional companies around the world.


Harlequin is the most used and best marketed dancefloor vinyl in New Zealand. Harlequin Allegro goes a long way towards alleviating the problems associated with concrete floors. Harlequin Studio is designed for ballet and pointe and Cascade is the most versatile vinyl in their range.


This product was developed to stop rugs moving on carpets, but works equally well for securing dance floor vinyl.

It is washable and foil-backed for easy installation. Free of plasticizer, it is non-aging and non-rotting. Also recommended for heated floors.

Simply lay down on your carpet and peel off the backing, then carefully lay your vinyl onto it. Can be removed just as easily by reversing the process. Use your remnants to hang posters on the walls!

Download Rug-Lock information sheet – Ruglock+Spec+Sheet.pdf