Fixed Mirrors

Fixed Mirrors

Glass Mirrors

Glass is the traditional medium for studio mirrors. STM Studio Supplies NZ  is able to supply in greater Auckland only. Nationally, we are able to supply light weight mylar mirrors which are an easy DIY installation & have a higher reflectivity than glass mirrors.

There is often value in protecting mirrors from damage with heavy duty drapes, or curtains. These double as having an acoustic advantage for the studio, and during exam time cover the mirrors if required.

If glass is the preferred medium, we are happy to advise a local glazier of your choice as to the best practice for installation in the robust environment of a studio.

The STM Mirror Wall Bracket (MWB) system allows barres to be elegantly supported behind your mirror glass without the need for the expense of ground support stanchions.

  • Available in Dance and Pilates Formats
  • Easily retrofitted to existing walls
  • Avoids unsightly penetrations into mirror glass
  • Avoids weakening the mirror glass
  • Neat attractive finish with no conflict between mirror planes

Glassless – Mylar Magic

Glassless Mirror is a surface application mirror and is in fact better and brighter than glass. Completely shatterproof it negates the potential for injury and reduces your exposure to liability claims. It is non-fogging and has no distortion or ghost imaging. Whats more, due to the ease of installation it ends up only fractionally dearer than glass and you can take it with you should you decide to move!

For more information download – Product Specifications for Mylar Glassless Mirror

Recent Posts

Taking the “Dis” Out of Disability

STM Studio Supplies is a company that works closely with all things performing arts, from professional performance companies to our local dance schools;
we try to keep an eye on as much as we can in the field. We also have a presence in New Zealand and are members of Danz Aotearoa and so receive their
quarterly magazine. Check it out here

My movement experience has been in performance and later teaching and Dance Movement Therapy, so I read with particular interest in the latest issue, no
53 Spring 2018, an article by Lauren Sanderson entitled “Taking The ‘Dis’ Out of Disability”

Sanderson speaks of the power of dance to encourage and empower those who have barriers to self expression by other means. She goes on to say that,

“It has the ability to transcend barriers and become a vehicle for social change”

New Zealand has a thriving dance community and this sector isn’t overlooked. The article goes on to recount interviews with the Artistic Directors of three
dance entities that cater for those who are challenged in the mainstream dance world, and is well worth a read.

Perhaps the most cogent quote in the article comes from Lyn Cotton, Artistic Director of Jolt.

“Accessibility is more than physical support, it is a culture of mutual respect and openness where teacher, director, choreographer and dancer are willing
to engage and be shaped by their interactions with each other”

Movement is fundamental to life and dance is its expressive manifestation. It articulates feelings and emotions, it communicates ideas, it celebrates,
it grieves, and explores all facets of human emotion. Dance is available to us all and Australia also has a wealth of such companies fighting the good
fight and making a positive difference to so many lives. STM Studio Supplies has great respect for the work that they do and the benefits achieved

We have recently collaborated with Higher Spaces, who purchased a number
of our Mylar rollaway mirrors. When it was found that one of the panels was less than ideal for their intended use we suggested that it be passed on
to a worthy cause. I contacted e.motion21, and we have organised a donation.

A big thanks to Josephine at Higher Spaces and Jane at e.motion21!

Hopefully we will soon have some photos to show of the dancers using their new mirror and showing the joy of the freedom of movement reflected in their
new mirror!


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