Sprung Floors

Sprung Flooring

STM Studio Supplies Sprung Floor

A locally developed product to suit those on a budget. Concrete floors and other solid surfaces are an absolute “NO” when it comes to dance. Because they have no resilience they are an invitation to permanently damage growing bodies. Insufficient shock absorption causes activity-related injuries to ankle and knee joints. Correct shock absorption also reduces fatigue and significantly reduces the potential for shin splints and other common injuries, reduces the strain from rotating and pivoting movements and with the correct top layer foot stability reduces rollover and other injuries to dancers. Unfortunately correcting this tends to be an expensive exercise. Whilst not cheap, we have tried to devise a system that reduces your financial outlay as much as possible and still give your dancers an appropriate surface.

This is the most affordable sprung dance floor in New Zealand.

The idea is to “float” a number of self-correcting layers on a “sprung” cushion, effectively suspending your dance surface above the hard existing floor. Simply place and tape builder’s plastic as a moisture-preventing layer over the hard floor. Then you add a layer of 15mm flooring grade tongue and groove plywood, ideally end-matched (you would have already glued cushioning blocks at 300mm centres). On top of this, running in the opposite direction (cross hatch) are 4.5mm MDF sheets fixed with presure sensitive adhesive. Along any leading edges put a small ramp timber section to reduce the trip factor. Finally, running in the direction of the original sheet is your choice of vinyl dance floor that may be semi-permanently laid with double-sided tape.
Alternatively, if the vinyl is to permanently laid, the MDF Layer would be replaced by 5.5mm masonite subfloor. Masonite is the industry standard subfloor when gluing down your vinyl.

Sprung Floor

This floor –

  • Deliberately has no screws or nails that can work their way up and into your vinyl.
  • Can ultimately be salvaged and taken with you when you move with a minimum of fuss.
  • Can be used for tap with no loss of sound quality or vinyl damage by simply rolling back the “Marley”.
  • Minimizes freight costs on materials.
  • Maximises your time and labour.

We supply –

  • Complete set of instructions
  • Foam or rubber cushioning blocks
  • Template for laying out blocks
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape
  • Interlocking edge ramp
  • Choice of dance floor surface
  • Freight for above
  • Advice on costs and quantities of material needed

You supply –

  • Plastic Underlay
  • Plywood and MDF from your local supplier
  • Tools
  • Labour

For more information download Product Specifications for DIY Sprung Floor – SprungFloor.pdf

For information on the cushioning blocks download Sprung Floor Cushions – SprungFloorImpact.pdf


Clip Dance Floor

clip-dance-floorThe Clip Dance Floor comprises 22m pre-finished solid hardwood boards, joined together using their own unique clip system. This is laid over 10mm thick sports underlay. Although it has a lower shock absorption than the STM Floors, it is well suited to many dance styles.

For more information, contact us.