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Rhed comes to STM NZ with 20+ years experience as a Backstage professional and loves all things performing arts! A Specialist in lighting, she has an array of other talents picked up along the way including production/stage management!


Dance Barres

To keep our prices affordable we will manufacture our dance barres, pilates barres and portable Beau Barres locally.

Other barres will be available on request.

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Sprung floors –
STM Sprung Floor, Clip Dance Floor.

Dance Floor Vinyls –
Everydance, Broadway, Tarkett Dansflor

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Studio Mirrors

Wall-fixed mirrors –
Glass and “Mylar Magic” glassless panels.

Portable mirrors –
“Mylar Magic” glassless lightweight rollaway mirrors.

We look forward to offering you a turnkey solution to your studio needs.

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We are delighted to announce that we are incorporated in New Zealand. We have landed stock and set up local installers. Needless to say, we are very excited by the opportunity our New Zealand born director has to bring some of his international experience back home.

The strength of our success has been in responding to what our customers need, it is through this feedback that we have tailored the products we make and supply. We are sure the uniqueness of New Zealand will create a whole new set of challenges and demands and we look forward to enthusiastically embracing them and growing together.

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