Happy 2014

A belated welcome to 2014! All New Year’s promises to blog and post early and often have already been broken with the rush of the New Year

I hope that you are not too sad and sore after the first few grueling classes back from that loooong summer break!

I had been trawling the net for informative sites to share with you on how to cope with the inevitable muscle aches & pains when one of those serendipitous moments occured! An enquiry from the delightful Annie from “Performance Medicine” in Melbourne led to a chat about her work with all sorts of performers from musicians to dancers and circus performers. Please do check out her website, (http://www.performancemedphysio.com.au/) and if you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne you will have access to the practice. Anyone know of anything similar in Sydney?

Also found this site http://hjd.med.nyu.edu/harkness  very informative and interactive.

Hope you all have a fantastic year and hope to speak with you for your studio needs during the year.



Did you know ……….the foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and over 100 tendons and ligaments!

(Feet – noun – a device for finding Lego blocks in the dark!)